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Halo Kitty

Halo Kitty

Posted to Flickr on 04 August 2014. Part of the Laugh! series. Funny is fun.™ Included in my Portfolio.

Always prepared for any situation, Hello Kitty can wear her battle armor in case of cat-aclysm.

Mega Bloks produced a line of Hello Kitty toys and a line of Halo toys. How could I resist merging the two?


The friendly people at Mega Bloks met me through photographer Symon-06 and asked me if I would be interested in photographing some of their toys. What a silly question.


This setup was straightforward. I popped off the head of a red Halo figure and replaced it a Hello Kitty head. The figure stands on a clear sheet of acrylic resting on an elevated black shelf. A sheet of pink scrapbooking glitter paper is positioned behind the figure. The burst of light on the backdrop is from a small-ish LED flashlight. Two white box lids reflect some light onto the figure.


The trickiest part of this setup was removing Hello Kitty’s head from her body without destroying the body. It was so tricky, in fact, that I failed to do it. Poor Hello Kitty’s body was severely scratched in the separation.

Above the entire scene is a large white circular diffuser that softens the ambient light in the room.


At first I thought it might be interesting to have it look as though Hello Kitty was emerging from a portal, but ultimately I decided I preferred the bokeh burst instead.



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