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Car Wars: Chewie and Han

Car Wars: Chewie and Han

Posted to Flickr on 08 March 2015.

What if Star Wars didn’t have space ships? Chewbacca and Han Solo would enjoy these land vehicles.

Thanks to my friend Thursday Bob for giving me these Star Wars Hot Wheels cars for my birthday.


In 2014 Hot Wheels re-imagined transportation in a galaxy far, far away, inspired by the iconic characters of the Star Wars universe. The two vehicles in this photo were based on Chewbacca and Han Solo. Both were given to me for my birthday in 2015 by my friend Thursday Bob.

The tiny figures are from a line of Micro Machines Star Wars toys produced by Galoob in the 1990s.


The cars are positioned on top of scrapbooking paper, which is resting on an elevated black shelf. The backdrop is a sheet of blue foam board. The dunes are a beige towel, and the objects in the distance meant to resemble buildings are Valentine’s Day heart candies.


A large circular diffuser (not shown) positioned over the scene softens the ambient light in the room.


I was not sure how many things to add to the background before it became too busy. Hopefully, I made the right choices.


Alternate 2

Alternate 3

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Han Solo

Han Solo is a smuggler-turned-freedom fighter in the Star Wars universe. Along with his Wookiee companion Chewbacca he trades and smuggles cargo in his spaceship the Millennium Falcon. He was first portrayed by actor Harrison Ford in the original Star Wars film trilogy Star Wars (1977), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983), also known as Episodes IV, V, and VI. Over the course the original trilogy Solo befriends Luke Skywalker, falls in love with Princess Leia, and becomes a leader of the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire.


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