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Alien Life Of The Party

Alien Life Of The Party

Posted to Flickr on 13 July 2014. Part of the Laugh! series. Funny is fun.™

These aliens don’t seem like such bad guys. Maybe they’re just misunderstood.

This photo was inspired by the mad ravings of Chelsea Hostetter.

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When the Reaction line of Alien action figures was first announced, the wheels in my head were set in motion. Of course I would have to acquire an alien action figure and photograph it, but what would I have it do? I had several ideas I was playing with when my friend Chelsea Hostetter said, “Party hats!”

And there it was. How could I not do “party hats?”


The setup for the aliens themselves was rather simple. They are arranged in front of a couple of sheets of scrapbooking paper that I hoped would resemble a cheap hotel room. Three of the aliens are planted onto G.I.Joe figure stands to keep them upright.


The party is taking place on a piece of clear acrylic left over from a previous photo. The acrylic rests on an elevated black shelf I often use. Above the scene is a large circular diffuser that softens the ambient light in the room.

The party hats were much more difficult to set up. My daughter and I actually made them out of large wrapping bows, glitter glue, pom poms, fine glitter, white glue, and clear tape.

Setup 2

A piece of white wire is wrapped around the aliens’ heads and then twisted at the top. Then the hat is dropped onto the twist of the wire.

Setup 3


Most of the alternate photos were just arranging and rearranging the aliens, hoping that I wouldn’t knock them over or bump their hats off.



The fun-loving aliens have also been spotted partying in these places:

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