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Berry Hard Work Setup (10/11)

Berry Hard Work Setup (10/11)

Posted to Flickr on 23 April 2013. Part of the Setup series.

This is the tenth part of a series describing the setup of the photo Berry Hard Work.

The Laptop

As crucial to my photography as my camera is my laptop computer. I use a MacBook Air running iPhoto, which is typically the only photo editing software I use for my Flickr photography.

I am often asked if I use Photoshop in my photography. In some of my early Flickr photos, I did. However, I quickly realized that I wanted the challenge of photographing and not digital editing, and so at some point a few years ago I stopped using Photoshop in my Flickr photography, using instead only the limited editing tools available in iPhoto.

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This photo was taken in my kitchen using some pretty simple Gear. You might be surprised to discover how low-tech my "photography studio" really is.

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