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RoboCop vs. Cyborg Setup

RoboCop vs. Cyborg Setup

Posted to Flickr on 26 August 2010. Part of the Setup series.

This is the setup photo for RoboCop vs. Cyborg.

Two pieces of glittery scrapbooking paper form the backdrop, blue behind RoboCop and red behind Cyborg. Both sheets of paper are attached to foamboard with sticky notes and clips.

Robocop stands on a piece of black glittery scrapbooking paper while Cyborg stands on white glittery scrapbooking paper.

Dealing with differences in scale is just one of the challenges of the Duel 365 series. If they were real, these two would be about the same height, but the Cyborg figure is noticeably smaller than the RoboCop figure. So I played with perspective a little bit to make them appear to be closer in height.

The figures are each front lit with a single push-light. RoboCop is backlit with a single push-LED in a clear plastic cup. Cyborg is backlit with two push-LEDs in clear plastic cups because the red glitter paper requires more light than the blue.

A large circular diffuser (not shown) softens the ambient light in the room from above. A piece of dark fabric is positioned above the backdrop to darken it.

To get a closer look at the equipment I use, check out my Gear series.


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This photo was taken in my kitchen using some pretty simple Gear. You might be surprised to discover how low-tech my "photography studio" really is.

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