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Penguin vs. Vulture (81/365)

Penguin vs. Vulture (81/365)

Posted to Flickr on 22 March 2010. Part of the Duel 365 series.

Penguin: Long-time bird-obsessed archenemy of Batman known for trick umbrellas and ties to high society.

Vulture: Elderly bird-themed foe of Spider-Man who temporarily de-aged himself and flies with artificial wings.

If they had to fight, who would win?

#81 in the Duel 365 series.


These two fowl villains have also been seen together here:

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Selected imagery background information.

Duel 365

Duel 365 was a year-long project I started in 2010. The goal was to post one photo each day depicting a duel, usually between two pop culture figures, and asking the question, "If they had to fight, who would win?" At the request of those who came to follow the project, I also provided text descriptions of each character. One of the rules was to avoid using the same figure in multiple photos. Another challenge was that I was not allowed to use Photoshop or other advanced photo editors to create the scenes; all editing was done either in-camera or with Apple’s iPhoto software. Over 700 figures were used for the project, which believe it or not represents only a small part of my toy collection.


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