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Bigfoot Sighting

Bigfoot Sighting

Posted to Flickr on 02 September 2009.

This Bigfoot action figure is from Kenner’s Six Million Dollar Man toy line of the 1970s. He stands 14 1/2 inches tall, much larger than the other figures from the same line. I received this one as a gift when I was a young boy.

This image was heavily manipulated in Photoshop. I took the original photo of Bigfoot in my kitchen with a plain background. Then I cut out the character and superimposed him onto a picture of a meadow near my home. Finally, I used various filters, blurs, layer adjustments, and effects to give it some age.

I was inspired by 8 Skeins of Danger to create this image. His twelve-inch action figure photos are always so fun and creative.

Submitted to the Flickr group 7 Days of Shooting.


Bigfoot has been sighted in these places:

Have you seen this photo somewhere else? Or are you using it yourself? I would love to hear from you! It's always fun to learn where my photos turn up.

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"Bigfoot" is a hairy, humanoid creature said to live in the forests of the Pacific Nortwest region of North America. The creature is also known as "sasquatch" and is sometimes associated with the Yeti of the Himalayas. Most of the scientific community questions the existence of Bigfoot due primarily to the lack of supporting physical evidence. Bigfoot was a recurring character on the 1970s television series The Six Million Dollar Man.

The Six Million Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) is a television series that follows the adventures of a former United States astronaut who, after a terrible accident, is given bionic implants and completes missions for a government organization called the OSI. The title character of Steve Austin was portrayed by Lee Majors. The series was based on the novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin. A spin-off show The Bionic Woman and several television movies followed.


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