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Silver And Gold

Silver And Gold

Posted to Flickr on 23 August 2009.

In the movies James Bond’s first Aston Martin was the DB5 in Goldfinger. With added extras including an ejection seat system, the car was wildly popular with audiences, helping to cement elaborate "spy gadgets" as an integral part of the James Bond mythos that had not previously existed in the Ian Fleming novels.

In 1979 the Corgi toy company produced a Matchbox-sized James Bond Aston Martin DB5, complete with a spring-loaded ejection seat system. I purchased this one at a local five-and-dime store and have held onto it for the past 30 years.

This photo marks the first time I’ve used magnifying lenses. Not a true macro lens, these simple and affordable lenses attach to the front of your normal lens to provide some degree of magnification.

Photo submitted to the Flickr group Macro Mondays for the "James Bond" theme.

Photo seen in Flickr Explore.


Mr. Bond’s most famous car has also been seen here:

Have you seen this photo somewhere else? Or are you using it yourself? I would love to hear from you! It's always fun to learn where my photos turn up.


This photo was taken in my kitchen using some pretty simple Gear. You might be surprised to discover how low-tech my "photography studio" really is.

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