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1983 I'm Surrounded By Idiots Pin

1983 I'm Surrounded By Idiots Pin

Posted to Flickr on 17 May 2009. Part of the JD's House of Miscellany series.

"I’m Surrounded By Idiots"

I wore this pin at Strickland Junior High in Denton, TX as I entered my teenage years. It was funny and at the same time inaccurate. I actually spent most of my time with peers who were clever, motivated, and decent people. As it turns out, I was surrounded by winners.

This is one of many curious items collected in JD’s House of Miscellany.


I thought this pin might get a few chuckles online, much as it did when I wore it as a boy.


The pin is simply placed on a white surface.


The idiots pin gets around quite a bit:

Have you seen this photo somewhere else? Or are you using it yourself? I would love to hear from you! It's always fun to learn where my photos turn up.

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