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License Information

Did you know you can totally use my photos for free? Just mention me when you do it. Awesome! Read on for the long version.
All of the photos on photos.jdhancock.com are licensed through a Creative Commons Attributions license.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is like copyright, kinda sorta, but with way more (and cooler) options. Check it out.

What is attribution?

Attribution is just a fancy way of saying "giving credit."

Isn't it nice to give people credit for stuff they do? It makes them so darn happy! And inevitably you end up looking like the thoughtful and lovable hero that you actually are. Everybody wins!

Can I use one of your photos for my project?

Yes, of course you can, as long as you include attribution. That's the "giving credit" part I mentioned earlier.

What does that mean?

You can use any photo found on this website for commercial or non-commercial purposes for free. All that is required is for you provide credit to me, JD Hancock. A link back to the home page (photos.jdhancock.com) or to the web page you found the photo is appreciated but not required.

For example:

Face The Music Photo by JD Hancock

Is it really free?

Yes. I only require that you provide credit to me, JD Hancock. Easy, right?

If you're quite clever, you might notice that my name has no periods in it. Also, there's no space between the "J" part and the "D" part. One might think it would be very difficult to misspell "JD" somehow, what with it being only two letters long, having no punctuation, and always in all caps, but boy, do I have stories I could tell you!

But you seem pretty clever, so no worries, right?

How do I credit you?

You can credit me by referring to me by name: JD Hancock. It's as simple as that.

Did I mention there are no periods in my name? Really, not even one!

Is a link required?

No, a link is not required, unless you insist on being super-duper-nice, at which point I would suggest one of these two splendid options:

I imagine people would find either of those two options quite intuitive.

Are you able to license any characters that might appear in one of your photos?

No, I can't. Not even a little. To be clear, I do not have any legal claim to any licensed character. If you are worried that you might be doing something wrong, you might be doing something wrong.

When it comes to toy photography the United States justice system is weird and scary and confusing. Since I am just a dude on the Internet and not an attorney, that is the extent of my legal knowledge. Good luck.

Does your name really contain no periods?

Yes. The total number of periods in my name is: zero. For me, the word "none" sums it up nicely.

Why don't you charge for the use of your photos?

Photography is a hobby for me. I enjoy it, and I love for other people to enjoy it as well.

But if you do feel an irresistible urge to compensate me, some of my photos are available as prints. Just poke around, and maybe you'll find one you like.

Can I contact you?

Yes! Please do. I would be tickled to hear from you. I have a lovely contact form that you can use.

Well, actually, it's not that lovely. But it does have bunnies!