JD Hancock Photos


Collecting all of the publicly-available photos taken by me, JD Hancock.

Who is JD Hancock?

I am a family-friendly cyborg living in the future in Austin, Texas. I like taking photos of plastic people for fun. You can read more about me on my main website at jdhancock.com.

JD Hancock cyborg JD Hancock black and white JD Hancock

Can I use your photos?

The short answer is "yes," as long as you give me credit as the photographer.

You might enjoy the long version of the answer. I explain about what Creative Commons is, what attribution means, and how to spell my name. It's good reading.

How did you make this site?

I built this photo site with many different tools and technologies, standing on the shoulders of giants, including:

Previous versions of the site relied on these:

Can I contact you?

Absolutely. I would love hearing from you! Think about who your favorite rabbit is, and then check out my contact form.